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The following positions in personnel:

Job title: warehouse management

Number 1:



1, execute material management with warehouse related SOP, ensure warehouse operation smoothly;

2, responsible for warehouse daily goods acceptance, inventory, shelved, storage, inventory, reconciliation,

3, responsible for warehouse daily material selection, check and loading and shipment work;

4, responsible for maintaining storehouse goods within and the environment clean and tidy and health work,

5, responsible for the relevant documents in the 20th archive,

6, warehouse data statistic and archiving, billing and system data input,

7 and departments assigned by the other matters.



1, technical school or above, major in logistics, warehousing of relevant major,

2, 1 year related field actual business operation, experience in foreign-invested company related field work experience is preferred,

3, familiar with warehouse into delivery operation procedure, have materials keeping professional knowledge and skill,

4, familiar with computer software for office operation, know SAP operator is preferred;

5, actively work, a strong sense of responsibility, has the cooperation and innovation spirit.


Job title: regional representative


1 responsible for compound condiment, Fried powder and other complex food ingredients of restaurant channel sales;

2. Summaries of the food characteristic to understand somewhat, known as a local diet culture and catering characteristics priority;

3. Food industry sales model and industry development has a certain understanding, and relevant working experience, have leadership priority;

4. Sedate sureness, honest, has the sale enthusiasm, no bad habits,

5. Educational background, age is not limited, salary negotiable.


Job title: quality control

Number 2:

Job description:

1, responsible for workshop each production links quality check and supervision (raw material and machining process, health condition, standard process).

2 and assist the workshop director make work plan, supervise the shift production task processing situation, and personnel allocation and coordination.

3, responsible for raw materials inspection and acceptance of work.

4, assist the director of the formulation and implementation of workshop performance assessment, perfecting the production process.

5, organize lab technician for product testing work.

6, responsible for microbiological and physical and chemical test measure and workshop of inspection, etc.


Food engineering or related professional college degree or above, more than three years working experience in quality management of food enterprise, holding of verification, test and work independently with familiar with quality control business process, work in ways that critical points are fully understood, familiar with ISO, HACCP management, familiar with national laws and regulations and the food production, testing knowledge, and have strong communication, coordination and organization skills, principled strong, have strong responsibility and management ability, good at identifying and solving the question ability, can take on greater pressure of work.


Production operators

6 number:

Job description:

1, according to operation regulations conscientiously implementing various specifications.

2, responsible for production process and super-thick machine work on material quality and ensure that pick up

3, responsible excluded under the jurisdiction of the simple mechanical trouble



1, healthy body, the age between 20-45 years old,

2, is honest, diligent working agile, strong responsibility,

3, production/processing/manufacturing working experience is preferred.


Food r&d engineers number: five people

Job description:

1 responsible for compound condiment, Fried powder and other complex food ingredients of r&d.

2. The research and development of finish product applied technology development.

3. With related working experience or meat products, aquatic products r&d work experience is preferred.


1.the stable sureness, honest and trustworthy, careful

2. Innovation, love food r&d work, college degree or above.

3. Taste, smell sensitive, with eosinophilic tobacco advisable.

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